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Lawyer and Arbitrator Mr. Asem Bin Abdulwahab Al Essa

The founder has gained his professional expertise through many years of working in specialized legal fields that have earned him a professional and diverse expertise in legal issues and consultancies, especially the enactment of regulations and laws, the fields related banking cases, securities and companies.
Al Essa has worked as:

Director of the legal department and a member of the board of directors in SCAB Saudi Holding Company between 2008-2012.

Director of the legal department and secretary of the board of directors in National Industrialization Company (Tasnee, Saudi Arabia's joint-stock industrial company) between 2006- 2008.

Legal consultant in Bureau Of Experts at the Council of Ministersbetween 2002-2006.

Legal consultant on the committee for Settlement of banking disputes- Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, between 1991-2002.

Legal researcher of the legal department in the ministry of communication (Saudi Telephone) between 1990-1991.

Legal researcher of the legal SaudiCustoms Authority (1990).


A licensed attorney, his license number in Ministry of Justice: (31/54).

Accredited arbitrator by Ministry of Justice in commercial, financial fields and in securities.

Head of Consultative Groupsupervisingstudying the legislative system that is related to the economic development, which is prepared for Riyad Economic Forum of the year 2017.

Assigned member by His Excellency Minister of Commerce and industryon the Settlement Committee protecting from bankruptcy (former).

Member of the Investment and Securities Committee in the Commercial and Industrial Chamber in Riyad (former).

Our Message

Our message is intertwined with competence and proficiency. We grant the required professional care and advising for our clients, because the clients are part of our professional team and their cases are ours. We always provide consultations that aim tomaintain protection, safety and legal continuity for their issues as well as achieving a professional and trusted progress in the issues without offering any misleading guarantee for achieving the desired results.

Our Services

Rules and regulations

Preperation and formulation of laws and regulations’ projects and the studies related to it.

Advocacy and the cases

>We exert our efforts to represent our clients before the judicial authorities starting with listening to the client, sharing views and counsel, reviewing the information related to their cases and studying the case with all its documents analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Then preparing the legal regulations and the legal memorandums with formulating them legally going through pleading our clients in courts and attending judicial hearingsalong with negotiating the cordial solutions until the issuance of trial and appeal judgments ending with the client’s satisfaction towards our efforts in claiming his rights and the obligation of both the confidentiality and privacy of his information.
Our policy in the office is to provide our clients withlegal advisory as their issues our personal responsibility and integral part of our duties.


Our commitment to achieving a positive, successful and satisfying outcome for our clients in the arbitration field through the delivery of benefits such as the promote litigation, the flexibility of procedures, maintaining the interests of both of the conflicting parties in order to achieve the satisfying results for both parties and maintain the confidentiality, which we are obliged to do in the benefit of our clients according to our principals.
And since our office has gained a professional and specialized judicial expertise in the commercial, economic, corporate and stock markets issues alongside with our concern to apply subjectivity and neutrality in our actions with all of our clients; including businessmen.
Given all the above, our office has contributed successfully and an arbitrator


Our experienced team of experts in litigation and legal consultation provides our clients; including institutions and companies, with the following services:
Drafting, studying and reviewing contracts as well as all what is related to them.
Studying the companies’ situations, collecting the information and inferences related to the disputes and issuing legitimate and regulated views concerning these companies before initiating the legal proceedings or during it.
Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the disputes in the cases.
Stating the rights clear before setting the claims.
Presenting the legal advice.
Providing legal consultations in English language.


We do all kinds of notarization services for individuals and companies; such as certificates of acknowledgments, declarations, avowals, affidavits, mandates, foundation of the companies and the modification of their contracts and policies and other legal documents.

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Experience and competence

During his work as a consultant for the board of Experts in the ministerial council and during his next responsibilities, he was assigned to, the founder of our office Mr. Assim prepared a lot of regulations, lists,arrangements, studies and agreements, as well as their reviews and their legal duly composition, giving legal advice and submitting the studies and the legal analysis to the ministerial council.In addition totaking an advantage of thecomparative and applicable regulations in other countries. Mr. Assim Al-Essa has played a significant role while working in groups and leading themwith a firsthand view of the regulations and instructions, in addition to any related studies. He also had a good and special relations with different governmental bodies. All these matters enabled the office to be one of the specialized and experienced offices in this field.

The consideration of the banking cases started when the founder, Mr. Assim Al-Essa had worked as a legal consultant on the committee of banking disputes for eleven years. The office had presented consultancies for some banks as well as handling dozens of times the several specialized cases in the various kinds of banking issues and issuing legitimate and regulated views concerning these issues.
During his work on the committee of banking disputes, Al-Essahas been assigned to study all the big and specialized cases through his work on the committee of allowances and assurances specialized cases. In addition to this, he worked on the issues of indebtedness that gave him the chance to understand the origin of the relationship between the businessmen / traders and the contracts of the projects and the bank’s agreements with its clients as well as the credit guarantees, the facilities contracts, the reasons behind the business men’s failure in their projects, the exerted efforts to achieve settlements between all parties, etc.
Thereby this brought the office to becomeleading and specialized in this kind of cases with all their diverse topics;including:
Credit facilities with all its types such as; overdrafting, current contracts, debtor contracts, discounting of bills of exchange, facilitiescontracts for stocks speculation, personal loans, commercial loans, contracts of sales in instalments, etc.
Bank funds of shared projects cases.
Documentary credit, Letter of credit.
Stocks’ cases, investment funds.
Contracts of trades with foreign currencies/ foreign currency exchange and precious minerals (Margin Trading).
Contracts of options.
Cases of treasury transactions and foreign exchange.
Bankruptcy cases.
Commercial papers, traveler’s cheque, and credit cards.
Forgery cases.
Cases of cost-plus and tooling and Islamic banks’ transactions.
Cordial settlements between banks and their customers.

Our office is specialized in providing the legal consultancies that are related to the stock exchange market and its executive lists; including the licensing procedures, listing in the stock exchange market, issuance, acquisition, amalgamation, increasing or decreasing the capitals of the joint stock companies, agreement of stock investments, custodial services, money derivatives, investment funds, and bonds and debentures. Also, our office has the specialized experience in the cases brought to the committee for Resolution of Securities disputes, whether they are civil, penal or administrative.

Pleading in all cases of companies.
Financial criminal cases.
Dissolution of the companies.
Liquidation of the companies.
Companies’ bankruptcy cases.
Settlements and conciliation between businessmen.

Preparing the lists for governing the joint stock companies and its terms as per the system of the stock exchange market and its executive laws list.
Our office provides our clients with all of the consultancies regarding the governance and what is required by the stock exchange authority from the companies.
Our office has contributed in organizing many familial companies by composing their familial constitutions for the purpose of preserving the continuity of their offspring to take a conditional control smoothly as appropriate and it is needed, also governing the separation of the ownership of the management and realizing the transparency and fairness and the possibility to review any role within the company jobs defined in the official documents.
Preparing and composing the directors’ board lists and its committees and organizations and reports and decisions and organizing all its activities.
Protecting the shareholders of the joint stock companies, and represent them in the General Assembly and filing a lawsuit for their indemnity.
Preparing laws and regulations and the procedures and internal policies of the companies.
Regulations of employment and employees’ affairs.

Composing contracts of all kinds of companies, and negotiating their affairs.

Establishing all sorts of companies, suggesting the appropriate legal structure of each depends on their activities, composing their articles as well as their decisions and registering them before the competent authorities. Legal coverage in establishing the joint stock companies.
Legal and Islamic lawful consultancy for all types of companies.
Constructing the companies with the right legal structure that is more proper to their nature.
Transform the legal entity of the companies from one to another.
Amalgamation and acquisition of companies.
Organize the partnership and its contracts.
Issuing licenses from the General Authority of Investments and Industry and services.
Providing the legal consultancies regarding companies Law and investment regulations for whom would like to access the Saudi Market or for investors in it.

Preparing the internal regulations and terms for the companies, and for contracts and for the required work models.
Employment and employee cases.
Consultancies for employers.

Real estate contributions cases.
Providing consultancies about real estate contributions.
Extracting licenses of real estate contributions.

Charitable trusts (Awqaf),endowment entities, the authentication of their documents, organization and investments.
Registering the names, trademarks and intellectual property.
Inheritance and inheritors cases.
Lands and infringements and grants cases.
Expropriation(for public purpose) cases, indemnities cases.

cheques, order bonds, bill of exchange.
Execution cases and its disputes.
Customs cases.
Zakat and income cases.
Insurance cases.
Bankruptcy and insolvency cases.
Settlement Committee protecting from bankruptcy cases.
Forgery cases.
Importing and contracting cases.
Commercial fraud cases.

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